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Sychosys band



Little Rock, Arkansas based Sychosys began their journey August 2000 with four guys killing time and staying out of trouble by making music. They never thought the music would be such a positive influence on their lives and others. The band consists of Cory Jackson (vocals/guitar), Zach Rogers (lead guitar), Doug Mead (bass) and Mike "Hellville" Melville (drums).

As the focus on the music became stronger, they stepped out of the jam room and started playing live shows from backyards to small clubs. Today Sychosys has opened up for national bands such as Hed PE, Machina, Hatebreed, Hellyeah, All That Remains, DevilDriver, Static X, Otep, Drowning Pool, Taproot and David Allen Co as well as hundreds of kick ass Arkansas local bands. They have played many venues in Texas, Memphis and Missouri as well as venues all over their home state of Arkansas.

Sychosys's music is described as "working man's metal" and influenced by the southern grooves of Pantera and the lyrical prowess of bands such as Stained and Slipknot. Their performance on stage is full of hard, heavy music and high energy.

Sychosys has a way of making the crowd feel like family.




United States


Vocals - Cory Jackson

Guitar - Zach Rogers

Bass - Doug Mead

Drums - Mike Melville

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