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Purchase and download your beat.  Edit your beat if you like and record vocals.  Send us your tracks and we'll mix it for free!

Check out our FAQ below for more details or contact us.


Along with the multitracks, stereo wav and mp3, you also get the Pro Tools session included.  Other DAW options (Logic, Studio One, and Logic) are available upon request for additional cost.


All beats are non-exclusive unless you purchase an exclusive license.  Once an exclusive beat is sold, it will no longer be sold again, transferring ownership to you (the buyer).


That means you can upload to your favorite platform, social media, or physical media

with no additional costs.

*Up to one million streams.


Unmixed tracks so you have full potential to getting your own sound.  Or have us mix it for free when you're ready.


On top of our regular 25% off sale for joining our social platforms, you can also gain access to FREE beats through our social media.

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Blue Smoke
  • Free mixing for buying a beat?
    Yes! This is one of the best deals on here. Once you purchase and download your beat, you can edit, add instruments, vocals, etc. and send us back the tracks and we will mix it for you, for FREE. We provide up to 3 mix revisions for this service which is plenty to get the sound you want. If you want to mix it yourself or have someone else mix it, that's fine too.
  • Are there multitracks/trackouts available?
    Yes! All beats come with the multitracks so you can edit and record how you see fit. We also send a stereo .wav and /mp3 file.
  • Are the songs mixed already?
    No. The songs you hear online are all unmixed and raw. We wanted you to have full freedom when it comes mix time. This way you can edit, record, mix, and master without limitations. When you buy a beat it comes with free mixing (your vocals included!) but you can also mix it yourself or have someone else do it. We wanted to give the producer/engineer something more to work with.
  • Are there plugins in the Pro Tools session?
    Yes, there are a few plugins you will need if using the Pro Tools session. They are not required but if you want to hear the mix that's on the final beat you will need access to these plugins. Some of the plugins in the session are: Universal Audio Spark plugins (Native not DSP) IK Multimedia Stealth Limiter Avid Groove Cell These are the current plugins used. There may be more as new beats arrive with different mixing approaches.
  • Do I need to credit you on my song?
    Yes. When releasing digitally or on physical media. When uploading to digital platforms such as Youtube, Sound Cloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.. You must link us in the description as "Beat by Shrapnel Beats" and/or hashtag us #ShrapnelBeats. On physical media (such as CD or Vinyl) you must credit Shrapnel Beats. If you'd like to use any logos you can contact us to email you a logo. Once you're ready to release your new song, you must also credit us as writers for the PRO (ASCAP). Our information is located on the license details in your downloads. We retain 50% of the publishing and you get 50%. You, as the artist, are responsible for registering the works. If we are not credited on your release, we reserve the right to take down the song.
  • What is an Non-Exclusive License?
    A non-exclusive license means that Shrapnel Beats still retain ownership of the beat, but you are allowed a license to use the beat in your album, single, music video, etc. This also means that anyone else can purchase the same beat. You may not resell the beat unless you record vocals to it first. The license agreement can be found here as well as in your downloads when purchased.
  • Can I buy an Exclusive License?
    Yes! Contact for price however, exclusive licenses are not cheap. Once an exclusive license is sold, then the beat is pulled from the store and not sold again as you will be the new owner.
  • Do you monetize the beats?
    Yes and no. We offer competitive pricing especially compared to nearly all Unlimited Non-Exclusive Licensing deals. Once you release your song you will not be able to monetize these beats unless you purchase an Exclusive License. However, if you order a custom beat (instead of the pre-made beats) we can work with you to give you full monetization.
  • Can I request custom changes?
    Yes, but there will be an extra fee involved depending on the change. Since we do send out the multitracks you are able to edit or add anything you need but if there's something specific then please contact us for details.
  • Can you make a Custom Beat?
    Yes, of course! We love to create new beats and currently the only way to monetize yourself.
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