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Stephen Shatzer



Shrapnel Sound Studio is a privately owned home-based studio.  It is operated by Stephen Shatzer with over 20 years of experience in audio.  Specializing in music production, recording and mixing, and has worked on several film productions including sound effects, music for film, and dialogue editing/ADR.

Some of the artists I've worked with:

Crossing Acheron, Against The Cold, Side Chain, The Weeping Gate, Amonkst the Trees, Moses Tucker, Monoxide Project, Sychosys, Kingsdown, Reverend Appleby, Kish Moody, Mitchell Meckfessel, Zach McKenzie, Cheryl Boutz, Nick Carter, Catharsis Stoned, Drop Dead Syndicate, Kevin Riley, Dave Scolli, Greg Ward, House of Melody Band, Paul Tull, Bartley Inc. and many more.

Stephen Shatzer on Drums


House of Melody Education (Engineer, Teacher)

Shrapnel Sound Studio


Recording, mixing and mastering, producing, drum editing, vocal tuning, custom beats, drums, keyboard, website development.



and many more...

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