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Side Chain

Side Chain Alchemy



Side Chain formed in 2015 when the founding members Dustin Miller (guitarist) and Stephen Shatzer (Drummer, Producer) got together. Their friends John Kyzer (bassist), James Pennington (vocals) and Nathan Cameron (guitarist) joined in. However, Nathan didn't join until the end of recording the Alchemy album.


After Alchemy was finished, they immediately started writing new material. This time, they wanted a heavier sound, and later that year released "Roll the Dice". A mellow-dramatic, melodic metal tune taking you on a ride throughout the song. It starts off slow and hypnotizing and gradually builds and builds until its final climax.


Shortly after they began writing their next single, "Subterfuge". Unfortunately, their long time friend, John Kyzer passed away. With the song almost completed except for John's bass line (which was already written on the scratch track) they set the song aside for mourning and decided to take a break. Later in 2018 their friend Mike Helmbeck helped finish the track and they released it dedicating it to John.


The New Side Chain


It took a while to get back into the swing of things but Mike was dedicated and decided to join Side Chain. After a while of learning the songs and practicing they began writing again.


In 2019 they put out their song "Anomaly". Which ended up most saying was their best song yet (aside from Roll the Dice). Which has a more radio-friendly vibe to it. It's definitely still rocking, with a feature from Tim Hefton singing the second verse, backups, and screams.


Hard Rock/Metal


United States


Vocals - James Pennington

Guitar - Dustin Miller

Guitar - Nathan Cameron

Bass - John Kyzer/Mike Helmbeck

Drums - Stephen Shatzer

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